My Prayer for This Advent Season

I pray that we learn to not look at people of other creeds, races, political perspectives, or sexual orientations as the enemy. I pray that we learn to listen and see the pain and hurt of other people of other experiences and contexts, without feeling the need to correct them on “the facts”. I pray […]

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A Unique Substitute

If you know me and have read some of my writings, you will know that writing about the depth of the atonement is part of my passion. This verse is Paul interpreting Psalm 69:9 as Christ-centered prosopological exegesis (pre-text of Jesus speaking). With this hermeneutic (way of interpreting the verse), Paul is saying that the […]

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Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month 2022

January is “Spiritual Abuse Awareness Month.” Awhile ago I had a friend contact me because they were having a hard time talking about the spiritual trauma that they have endured with someone close to them. This person close to them wanted a deep relationship but didn’t understand how certain things in the Christian environments that […]

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By His Wounds – Free eBook

I recently had a relative send me a meme. It had a priest sitting down and talking with a little boy. In the meme, the priest said to the boy, “God gave birth to himself to kill himself as a sacrifice to appease himself so that he would no longer have to throw us into […]

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