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David Ruybalid is not new to the music scene. He has been a driving force behind many studio projects and live performances. As a high schooler he spent much of his time trading song ideas with industry producers, hanging out in studios and performing as a live drummer. “I got my first crack at studio work at age 15, as a guest drummer on an album from Cleveland, and it consumed me”, David says.

David has spent much of his time working with bands, producers, and artists such as Jerrod Bettis (drummer/producer/writer-Adele, Gavin Degraw, OneRepublic, SNL, ect…), Gungor (Beautiful Things – Nominated for 2 grammys in 2010 and 1 grammy in 2011), Rocker Studios (Jackson 5 Mixing and Mastering), and David Thulin (Producer – Press Play, Jonathan Thulin).

David led worship under the wing of Kingsway Artist Mark Tedder, at Woodmen Valley Chapel, a 6000 member church in Colorado Springs, CO starting in 2004. Fall of 2005 he became the worship director for Woodmen’s student ministries, as well as led a next gen worship gatherings with author and pastor J.R. Briggs. In 2006, he moved to Boulder, CO where he served as the Worship Director at Calvary Bible; a two campus church of 1500 members. He then spent his time from 2009-2014 being involved in music, and other forms of creative expression, in a Faith community called The Journey Church in San Jose,CA.

With a recently released EP, David Ruybalid lives in Gilbert, AZ with his wife Kellie, son James, and daughter Everly. He is producing records, writing songs, and leading worship at his church (Cornerstone Christian Fellowship:

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