The Wrath of God and the Death of Jesus

The phrase, “the wrath of God” is one of the most overused and ambiguous phrases in the church today. Many pastors say this and throw the phrase around. Songs like “In Christ Alone” have come out. It says, “till on that cross as Jesus died, The wrath of God was satisfied”. What does this phrase mean? What does it not mean? Is it possible that if we misunderstand this phrase, we can be led to an unhealthy view of God?

You are invited to join in on this short, yet helpful, read to consider how God’s love plays out on the cross and how God’s love is extended throughout eternity.

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By His Wounds

“I had a friend who has wrestled with faith and theology over the years write me, because of a conversation that he was having with some people around why Jesus died and what His death accomplished. I responded, and decided that I would publish what I wrote him and edit it into a resource to be used by him and others for discussion in the future. 

I pray that this resource helps people think through some of the nuances around the atonement, avoid destructive and inaccurate ways to talk about God, help bring about deep conversations with individuals deconstructing their faith because of unhelpful ways that they have been brought up to view God, and allow the Holy Spirit to help renew our minds.” 
– David Ruybalid

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